Professional photographer

Photographer in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex.

Being a photographer allows me to expand my creativity every time I have a camera in my hand. It makes me feel happy and in my element! It is so satisfying to provide people with beautiful memories, knowing I have given them something very special they can look back on with a huge smile on their face. I am looking forward to capture one of your most treasured moments!

Passion for photography

Photography has always been a great passion for me. My first proper camera was given to me as a teenager, not realising that it was the start of a passion I always wanted to follow which has developed gradually over time into a fulfilling business today.

All-Round Photographer

I don’t see my photography as work, mainly because I feel in my element when holding the camera. I love to freeze time and create beautiful images and memories that last a lifetime. Subjects I enjoy capturing are animals, weddings, festivals, celebrations, children or anything interesting that appears in front of my camera. Having an artistic background, my niche and speciality is creating emotional photographs with a contemporary edge.

I would like to describe myself as a natural, contemporary photographer. Most importantly I want you to feel joy, love and excitement by looking at my work because that is what makes a photograph special, stand out and memorable.