Equine & DOGS

I have a special passion for equine and pet photography. The bond people have with their pets is something very special, unique and beautiful to photograph. I get great enjoyment and fun out of capturing you and your pet at your best.

Pet and equine photography allows me to show your connection in very special images. I love creating memories that last a lifetime that put a smile on your face or could even make you emotional in a positive way. My focus is on creating beautiful images while you are having fun and enjoy spending time with your pet. A memory that you will never forget and can always treasure by looking back at the photographs.

I have been around horses and pets since I was six years old and competed in dressage with young and experienced horses for more than 15 years. Because of my experience with horses and dogs I know all the right angles and tricks to make them look at their best and create special photo memories to treasure for ever.

It is important to for me to catch the right facial expressions so the emotion can be read from the photograph. That is what makes my equine photography special.

Having lost many beloved pets, I know how important it can be to have that special moment captured in a photograph.

Of course we use our phones nowadays to take pictures, but from my own experience, it is just not the same. Photos taken by an experienced professional with the right equipment will make a big difference. Your photos will be great to enlarge and print, without the picture getting grainy or pixelated. My guidance on how to make to most out of each photograph will result in the best images.