Equine Wall art

Equine Wall Art photo session in Kent.

Are you after something different than a standard equine photoshoot? Maybe an Equine Wall Art photoshoot is something for you!

The wall art sessions will give you beautiful close up images of your horse in a natural environment. No dressing up, platting or sunshine are required for this shoot! I will capture your horse’s best features and edit them beautifully afterwards, so they can be displayed as a great piece of art on your wall.

The session will last an hour and comes with 5 high resolution, digital, edited images. All images will be sent to you with a watermark, so you can pick your own favourites.

Price of an equine wall art session is £135 for one horse. Would you like to add a second horse? This can be added for £25. Extra images are available for £8 or at discounted prices when ordering 10 or more photos.